The Ashen Jewel of the North

For some of you, this has been your home since the day you were born. For others, you find yourself fascinated by this blasted and ruined city as it struggles for its existence. For all of you, the dreams of becoming great heroes like the ones of legend, or great rulers (maybe even this city’s ruler), or amassing great wealth and retiring in luxury, or ridding the world of evil, drives you to seek out adventure.

In a city with as much chaos as Neverwinter, you’d think it would be easy for someone to get a paying adventurer job, but it’s not. Not since Lord Dagault Neverember has been bringing in his Mintarn enforcers to guard The Wall, patrol the city, and attempt to “reclaim” areas for civilized living.

Now it seems that all the adventuring jobs that get posted are either way too dangerous for fledglings like yourselves or only go to friends and relatives of Neverember or the Mintarns, leaving only mundane jobs for nobodies like you.

So, for now, you work at the docks by day (cause you gotta eat), strap on your adventuring gear at night, and hope you can land a real job.

(This campaign is based in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. It starts at Level 1, and will be using the Pathfinder rules set)

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Phoenix Rising

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