Day 1

It’s been hard trying to find good work that pays well in this city. You haven’t been able to land your dream job of becoming a full-fledged adventurer yet. Those jobs have been going to more experienced adventurers and people with friends in high places. So, for the time being you’ve been working at the docks during the day and changing into your adventurer’s gear at night, hoping for a paying gig to come your way.

It’s a great start to the weekend. The bar is packed and the band is rockin’. A couple of small fist fights are going on, each contestant trying not to get knocked out from the punch thrown. Since you’ve been in town you’ve been staying at the Bloated Float Inn, mainly because it’s cheap and because it’s where the wine merchant Regis stays when he is in town with a fresh load of wine, mead, ale, and alcohol. And Regis is here tonight up at the bar partying like he already bypassed tomorrow. The four bouncers are half-orcs but they’re friendly enough as long as one doesn’t get in their way, or spill a drink on them.

The band is jamming and the place is a cacophony of music, talking, laughing, and shouting.

For those of you that like things a bit more chaotic and wild, watch this:

Day 1

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