Character Creation

Here are the basics for this campaign:

  • 25 ability points – (use the point method for character creation listed on page 16 of the Core Rulebook)
  • Any race is allowed from the Core Rules Book, the Advanced Player’s Guide, the Advanced Race Guide, Paizo’s reference website, and the d20PFSRD website. 3rd party races are subject to pre-approval as are the uncommon races listed in the Advanced Race Guide so please check with me before using. Keep in mind the setting (of the FR) and try to avoid something way out there (unless you have a good back story for it). Some character races may not be easily accepted by others (e.g. Ratfolk), even spark immediate, outright hostility from NPCs and possibly other PCs (e.g. Strix). I’m not ruling anything out completely but some races will definitely need a good back story to be approved.
  • Any character class is allowed from the Core Rules Book, the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Paizo’s reference website, and the d20PFSRD website. 3rd party character classes are subject to pre-approval so please check with me before using. This will also apply to prestige classes later on as well. But if you have an idea of what you’re planning for your character’s eventual class-prestige class mix, include it in your write up, so if it is a class/prestige class I’d rather not have in the mix, you’ll have ample time to modify your choices (note that I don’t see any class/prestige class not being approved at this time).
  • Maximum hit points
  • Starting money – Use the maximum listed per class
  • Good, Neutral, Evil, etc – doesn’t matter to me (but it might to other members of your party – if you’re unsure of your choice, ask me and I’ll let you know if you’re heading for conflict but I won’t reveal other player characters’ alignments to you).
  • Choose a theme in the Neverwinter Campaign Guide. The theme is really only for flavor/back story (since the benefits are 4E specific). I can provide a pdf of character themes from the Neverwinter Campaign Guide if needed. In addition, I have picked out some traits that seem to be a good fit for the themes. You can use those suggestions or pick your own. See the themes page for trait suggestions.
  • Choose two traits per the standard character trait rules. Traits are listed in the Advanced Player’s Guide, the Adventure Path Players Guides, Paizo’s reference website, and the d20PFSRD website. 3rd party character traits are subject to pre-approval so please check with me before using. Try to choose traits that play into the chosen theme of your character.

    NOTECHANGE – Due to my wording, I’ve created a bit of confusion with traits and themes. So here is the clarification:
    A PC gets a theme – it can be one of the ones listed on the Themes page or it can be one of your creation (assuming it ties into your backstory). This allows 1 theme based trait/bonus (similar in nature to a campaign trait).
    THEN you get two more traits per the standard character trait rules.
    Normally, trait bonuses do not stack (i.e. if two traits give the same bonus to the same skill). However, if one of those trait bonuses is from your theme, then I will allow it to stack with a normal trait.
  • Hero Points: We will be using Hero Points in this game (see Advanced Player’s Guide pages 322-325, Paizo’s reference website, or the d20PFSRD website). Please note that the feats and magic items and spells are available to use. If you do not want your character to use Hero Points (i.e. be an Antihero), then you can choose 1 feat as a bonus (any feat you qualify for). Your character sheet needs to say that either you are using Hero Points or you are considered an Antihero. This choice cannot be changed once play begins.
  • I would like an outline of what character you would like to play – the more detailed the better, but I don’t need a complete history (that can develop over time). Of course, the more you write, the more I will have to play off of.
  • Your outline should include a reason for you being in Neverwinter (be it born there, visiting relatives, down on your luck and begging, even “how the hell did I get here?” etc.).
  • I will give each character a choice of one magic item to start with; something based on his/her outline/background story. You can pick an item you’d like or I can give you a list of three or four items to choose one from, whichever way you prefer. Of course, if you choose an item I will need to approve it. In other words, don’t pick something way too powerful for 1st level. Now, if you have a great background, I may let you have something more powerful, or maybe something your character “grows into” and discovers extra powers along the journey.
  • If you’d like help with any of this, want some suggestions, or just want to run some character ideas by me, feel free to email me at my address listed in the next bullet point.
  • Email me your character outline/back story and/or any questions, etc, to

Special Item Pricing:
I’ve put together a standard adventurer’s pack at a special bundle price of 25gp (saves 6gp over individual items) and it weighs 31.5lbs (weight includes a full water skin). The following items are included:
(1) backpack (1) bedroll (5) pieces of chalk (5) fishhooks (1) flint and steel
(1) hammer (1) small steel mirror (7) days trail rations (1×50ft) silk rope
(2) sacks (1) shovel (1) water skin (1) whetstone

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