Valindra Shadowmantle

Ssazz Tam’s Right Hand - Second in command for the nation of Thay


Valindra wears a very expensive looking crimson and black cloak with gold trim, most likely some sort of silk, and a very revealing leather bodice and leather thigh boots adorned with what can only be diamonds and gold glittering in the dim light. She is very slender and tall with long golden blonde hair that shows highlights of white and honey. Her Elven features and form show great beauty and looks to be in her prime. Her skin does look a bit pale with a slight grey tinge to it, coloring unusual for an elf. But her eyes are a very bright green, almost unnaturally so, and reveal a much older and wiser intellect than her body suggests. She has a commanding presence and projects an air of confidence, authority, and power.

Valindra has been following the party’s careers and has approached the party giving them a proposition for becoming allies in the growing fight against the shadow nation of Netheril. The party doesn’t know yet much about Valindra or the nation of Thay (other than normal rumors an “common knowledge”) and has yet to agree to an alliance, although they are willing to speak with her further before making up their minds.


Valindra Shadowmantle

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