Sam the Bartender

Owner of The Bloated Float Tavern and Inn in Neverwinter


Sam has lived his whole life in Neverwinter. He inherited the Bloated Float Tavern and Inn from his father who met an untimely death walking near the Wall one day. Sam’s brother, Max, never wanted to work as a merchant, so he struck out on his own some 20 years ago and hasn’t been back to Neverwinter since. Sam thinks he’s alive but hasn’t heard anything from him in about 3 years now.

The Bloated Float Inn isn’t anything fancy, just your average drinking hall. The food is ok and the rooms are at least clean. Sam likes to encourage newbies to strive for their dreams and has been known to help a person out when they really need a helping hand.

Sam has given the party members free room and board forever since they saved his tavern from the attack from the mutant ankhegs.

Human male, early 30s
Equipment: leather vest and pants, mace and dagger on his belt


Sam the Bartender

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