Regis Freemantle

Merchant specializing in alcoholic beverages


Regis has built himself a pretty good import-export business dealing with all manners of alcoholic beverages. He specializes in bringing libations to dangerous areas all along the coast and to Waterdeep.
His business is still considered fairly small by Waterdeep standards because he has a hard time finding (and keeping) hardy soldiers and guards. He pays well, but most people only can take the traveling life (and fear of death) for only so long before bowing out to safer employment. Regis has a dream of building a trading empire that encompasses permanent trading houses in all the areas he visits and establishing a trade caravan between each trade house location.
So far, he only has two trade caravans and he has to travel with one of them all the time. He is actively seeking more trustworthy people to recruit into his employ to expand his operations.

Human male, late 30s,
Equipment: leather clothing with a short sword and a dagger at his belt


Turns out Regis is working for Valindra Shadowmantle and attempted to trick the party into helping him find a long lost text supposedly describing a way to become undead without the slaughtering of innocents, by telling the party that he was searching for a special healing recipe.

Fortunately for him, the party did not kill him when his duplicity was discovered. He then offered to put them in touch with his superiors so they could describe what was going on. The party took him up on his offer and that is when they were introduced to Valindra Shadowmantle.

It was at this initial meeting with Valindra that the party discovered that Regis in addition to being an alcohol merchant is also one of the infamous Red Wizards of Thay. Though if he is an evil wizard, they are not entirely sure about yet.

Regis Freemantle

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