Mordai Vell

Neverwinter Elite and Suspected Leader of the Ashmadai Cult


Tall and dark, Mordai has luminous gold eyes even though most tieflings boast red or black ones. Charisma practically drips from him, setting all around him off their guard. His obvious wealth doesn’t hurt, either. He has two swept back horns and a long, supple tail. As the last heir of a noble family (one whose holdings remained remarkably intact after the cataclysm), he exerts great influence over Neverwinter’s economy and politics. Mordai is arrogance incarnate. He pursues whatever interests him, regardless of how far he must reach. He trusts in his combination of charm, status, and wealth to gain him what he wants. Mordai is a smooth operator-charming, rich, and always keen on how he might ally with new acquaintances and use them. He is generous, appealing, slick, and flirtatious when it suits his purposes. He is the most prominent and active noble in supporting Neverember’s reconstruction efforts.


Mordai Vell

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